Wednesday, 18 November 2015


A quick Landscaping Your life post today:
  • Think of a situation you'd like more clarity on 
  • Describe the landscapes - above and below 
  • Identify how the landscapes might provide an antidote to that situation.
You'd be better off coming up with your own answers but I will provide some suggestions further down the post.

Insights from this landscape may include one of the following:
  • Movement may not be easily observed but it is never the less being made
  • Climbing the rock face will require the right equipment - be prepared
  • You need to cool down the situation 
  • The situation is currently too icy
  • Is swimming easier than climbing?
  • Or perhaps climbing is easier than swimming
  • Once the wind takes the mist away it's easier to see the situation
  • Or perhaps more mist is needed
  • Once the ice gets to the water it starts to break up 
  • Even icy water will melt the iceberg
Then consider how these might be applied to your current situation - perhaps you need to:
  • Have more patience
  • Look for the subtle signs that progress is being made
  • Prepare well
  • Look for an alternate strategy to the one you're considering
  • Remember the right time to make progress may be in-front of you not behind you
  • Concentrate on one aspect of the situation only
  • Match the icy reception with slightly warmer and yet still icy response
I would welcome your suggestions, thoughts and comments.

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life
Inspiring change inside and out

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