Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Going Round in Circles

Last week, at the side of a very frosty Kinghorn Loch three individuals who had been asked to walk the circles they had being going round in discovered their solutions.
  • For the first the solution was slowing down.
  • For the second it was changing direction.
  • Having watched the others walk their circles the third obtained a different perspective that meant they chose in that moment not to walk the circle anymore.
That’s why this unconventional process works - it enables us to access a different perspective. If what we’re doing is working, if we’re achieving our goals, if we’re a magnet for success then we can keep doing what we’re doing. If however, we’re feeling stuck and frustrated. If access to any ideas, never mind creative ones elude us, then that alternate perspective is just what we do need. A perspective that allows us to see the solutions rather than just more of the problem. There’s plenty of ways of getting that different perspective. Using this process for over 20 years what I’ve noticed though, is the longer we’ve searched and not found the solution the more invested we are in the problem. That’s when getting out of our head and its logic, and metaphorically exploring the situation becomes the catalyst for the change we desire. Why not try it for yourself.

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