Saturday, 28 March 2020

I've written a blog on that for Unprecedented times

Over recent weeks, as I've delivered "soft skills and mindsets for unprecedented times" sessions, I have been heard to say "I've written a blog on that" - with over 500 posts on the purchasing coach blog and 200 here you'd like to hope so. 

Here's a list of just some of those very posts that I think would be helpful as we face what were unimaginable situations only a few short weeks ago.
  • Lessons from a Sycamore tree - about needing to bolster your foundations for your roots to hold on to.

An index of more logical and less unconventional posts to support mental, physical and emotional well being can be found over on my Purchasing Coach blog.

You may also find this Landscaping Your Life YouTube playlist helpful using nature as our coach  - turn the sound down a little for the first vlog ;-)

Also see my LinkedIn profile for an extract from Can't see the wood for the trees - Landscaping your life to get back on track to help you see the wood at these unprecedented times.

Do let me know if something I've written resonates - and do please also share this index with others who you think might benefit.

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