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Friday, 25 March 2016


As I do at the New Year, I like tapping into the transformational energy of Easter or Ostara. The releasing the old, embracing the new, stepping into a new archetype sort of energy.

I often take time on Good Friday to review the beliefs and behaviours I'm wanting to release, and at some point over the weekend to re-imagine where I'm headed.

As I started to prepare for the weekend I wondered what insight nature could give us on this transformational energy? This blog is my answer.

To maximise the benefit from reading this post you may wish to consider a situation you would like to transform. What would the benefit be of this transformation taking place? Can you imagine how life might be afterwards?

Once you've thought of something you'd like to transform, put the situation to the back of your mind, out of sight until you've finished reading, and simply explore the images below. Play a little with the process, allow nature to speak to you through the images I share, and follow the tangents that come to mind. No right or wrong, just a journey of discovery of how nature embraces transformation.

The most obvious metaphor for transformation is the butterfly

Or the transformation of seeds
or the tide (also see this post on incremental change relating to the tide)
Or changing landscape 

Or transformational weather 

Or abrupt changes 

Or temperature changes
Or change from day to night, summer to winter, north to south and so on.

What other transformations in nature come to mind? If you were to imagine the sequence of images for that transformation what would they look like? 

You may also wish to think of sounds in nature - either transformational sounds in their own right, or anything that for you conveys the sound of change? For me that would have to be the sound of the stormy waves as they crash onto the shore - with the peace and quiet the following day. 

You may want to go a little further afield for your transformation:

Just keep thinking of examples of transformation in nature - you may even want to go for a walk in nature, and notice what you notice as you do this. Or even make your own landscaping collage to depict the journey.

I realised as I typed that the energy of the Leap day post may also provide insight to the transformational energy that's needed. So too the short story I wrote entitled The tortoise and the hare.

Just keep exploring transformation in nature for as long as you can. Then do something completely different to break state. Then after a few minutes, or even hours, return to your original situation - what do you notice about the situation? Are you able to understand how transformation may now be possible, and what action you need to take to support that?  

You may also want to pop over to my Purchasing Coach blog where I've taken a more logical look at the language of change and transformation. After all words have power too - I was surprised with the conclusion I came to too - not transformation, nor transfiguration, just simply aiming to be different!

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life
Using nature to inspire change inside and out 

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