Thursday, 31 October 2019

How do you learn?

How do you learn? 

And perhaps - more importantly - how do you learn so you can replicate what you’ve learnt? 

I suspect most of us would reply by saying we need to apply the learning. To understand the model, and apply it, test it, and explore it in real life situations. 

How can we therefore use this insight in other situations in our lives where we’re wanting to learn, or wanting others to learn? 

As a coach it’s interesting how often I hear of leaders telling people what to do and getting frustrated when they don’t learn and can’t replicate it in other situations. As a coach I often do know what I would do in a situation but to share that with my coachee moves my role into one of mentoring which has its place when they’re new to a process or skill. 

For the majority of times, however, it’s about asking questions, and helping them find the answers and truth for themselves. 

How can you ensure you help others learn for the future today, rather than tell them your answer?