Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Joy in the unexpected

As a manager, you will come up against the unexpected almost every day.

How do you feel, for example, when someone says "Can I have a quick word?".

Do you get a sense of dread or uncertainty that you may not be able to deal with what might come up? Or do you love the spontaneity of the situation and find joy in supporting someone in the moment?

My first 'Joy in the Unexpected' webinar is taking place on 10th July.

The live webinar is aimed at managers who would like to have some great tools in their toolkit to deal with unexpected situations; and to those people who have managers in their team who could benefit from getting confident with the unexpected.

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I look forward to seeing you for the webinar. 

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Sunday, 17 May 2020

I'm really finding it hard to walk the talk on this one at the moment. I suspect I am definitely being busy for busyness sake - the need to "do" over rides patience and the inner knowing that tells me action now is likely to result in wasted effort and seeds that never flourish because I'm wanting to put them out in the ground before the last frost had been (usually June the 1st here in Scotland). It's virtual Chelsea Flower Show and so I'll be using gardening as a metaphor for our lives all week to sow seeds, dig deeper, and germinate ideas. Do follow hashtaglandscapingyourlife on Facebook or LinkedIn or even join me on Tuesday for a webinar looking as personal and team flourishing with insight from the garden.

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