Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Whilst attending a coaching CPD session at the weekend we discussed presence, and what presence could bring to a coaching session. I'm in the process of writing a Purchasing coach blog to explore my thoughts / ruminations on the subject so this link to that blog will work once it's finished.

I wondered however what nature can tell us about presence.

Before reading my thoughts why not reflect on what presence in nature means to you? How might nature have a lesson for you in order to bring forth presence into your life - if in fact of course that's a goal you have.

Perhaps reflect on the following images, or ones you have in your office or home before reading the words.

For me nature, as represented by these images, is about:
Stillness and being part of and connecting with something bigger. I'm reminded of looking into the milky way from the dark starry night whilst at Uluru some years ago, and just getting a sense of that connection with all things. Certainly a letting go of my own importance.
Just being, with no judgement nor attachment. Yes we attribute meaning to the heart shape of the reef but the reef has no such judgement of it self. The reef just is, for all to see and engage with. No attachment, no judgement, just being moment to moment.
Nature is constantly in a state of alert to notice when the status quo is unachievable without action. For example when something gets too big, or high, or low, or hot or cold nature moves to counter act that extreme. Yes that may bring forth great upheaval, but at the same time the intent is the balance that is achieved as a result of that upheaval. A balance that would not have been achieved without it.
The northern and southern lights are only observable when certain criteria are met. The light we see, and sometime only the camera sees, are as a result of solar wind particles colliding with the Earth's atmosphere. The beauty only observable as a result of that collision.

Based on these images then presence is stillness, and being in the now, no judgement, no ego, no attachment, alert to the data and information and ready to react, unafraid of upheaval, and knowing that beauty and balance may sometimes only emerge from collision and discomfort. (A great reminder when the presidential election outcome is not as many would wish it to be).

Interesting to consider what aspects of presence I've omitted through my choice of image. I will ponder some more on that, and share what emerges later in the month.

If it's something you'd like to have more of how might you bring more presence into your life?

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life
Using nature to inspire change inside and out