Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Coaching questions from Nature

Stuck? Lost? Confused? Or simply unsure what to do next?
If you are wanting insight on a situation, this post invites nature to be your coach. Asking you to reflect on your answers to coaching questions from nature.
As you think about the situation you’d like more clarity about, choose the image that you are drawn to and answer the coaching questions relating to that image shown below, and simply notice what you notice.
You may find one question makes the difference, all the questions make a difference or you may think of other questions that help.

Image 1

- What signs of new growth are you noticing?
- Could you look more closely to notice the changes rather than just see more of the same?
- Are the conditions right for your project?
- What conditions would be more favourable?
- How can you be patient and wait for those conditions?

Image 2

- How grounded do you feel?
- How could you become more grounded?
- Or perhaps it’s about not hanging on too tightly - how could you release control over the outcome of the current situation - to be more like the flexible branches swaying than the solid roots?
- Or vice versa?

Image 3

- What can you do to clear the haze or mist?
- Or perhaps it’s about ‘dissolving’ the haze or ‘blowing it away’. Remember there won’t just be one means of doing that (here wind, sun, water temperature all impact how quickly the haze disappears). If you look at all 360 degrees of the situation it doesn’t all have mist/haze.
- Can you focus on where there is clarity as you wait for the mist to leave other aspects of the situation?

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