Coaching in 2019

With instant and global connectivity there's really no limitation on coaching sessions.

Contact me now if you'd be interested in finding out more about what's involved - whether for a one-off kick up the ... session, a retreat like weekend, or a more gentle programme of coaching sessions.

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Landscaping Your Life is a process that Alison Smith developed in 2000 which she uses in the work she does to help others to unlock their potential and get back on track.

Landscaping Your Life

Landscaping Your Life (LYL) uses nature as our coach, and nature's landscapes as metaphors for our lives. 

LYL brings together three elements of Alison's skill set - each from a different aspect of her personality: 
  • (Mind) Practical and logical thinking
  • (Heart) Behavioural and language skills
  • (Soul) Metaphor and connection to nature
Which is a powerful mix that allows magic into our lives. Or should that be, brings a practical and tangible magic into our lives ;-).

Social media has certainly enabled Alison to more easily share snippets of  LYL insight with you. You can therefore find more about the LYL process here and on Alison's YouTube Landscaping Your Life playlistFacebook, Instagram and on Pinterest.

The posts in this blog provide more detail about the different LYL tools and techniques Alison uses to help clients get back on track, and see the wood for the trees. For example posts share insight from use of the process at business strategy days, executive coaching sessions and in one to one coaching sessions.

Her recently published book Can't see the wood for the trees introduces this process to you via the sayings we use when we're stuck ie:

See this post written on publication day introducing one of the over ten different LYL tools shared in the book, and applies it to a situation you can't see the wood/woods/forest for the trees about.

If you're interested in using Landscaping Your Life either via coaching, facilitation, workshops or Alison's keynote please email her on 

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life

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