Workshops available include:
  • Landscaping Your Life (or Business) 
  • Transformation games
  • Problem solving using unconventional tools 
  • Landscaping Your Life for coaches (by request and coming soon)
Please do get in touch for more details of these workshops or to arrange a bespoke session for your organisation +44 (0)7770 538159

Landscaping Your Life (LYL) 

Using nature as a metaphor for our lives. Enabling individuals or teams to release what ever is holding them back and to get back on track.

Current dates in the diary include:
  • 29th September - Fife - 0930 -1630 - join me for this free book launch as we visit four locations where the book was written - come to one or all locations.  
  • 6th October - TBC
  • 8th November - TBC
1-3 day Transformation Games
For 1-4 people use the Transformation Game to deeply explore an intention you have for your life. Not for the faint hearted but certainly worth it if you're needing a step change in your life and are "willing to bear the discomfort involved in shifting perspective".:
  • 13th October - Scotland
  • 18th November - TBC
Problem solving using unconventional tools
It’s said that the magic happens outside of our comfort zones, and getting out of them isn't always easy - especially when we're using conventional means to do this.

It's why I love tools such as collages, pipe cleaners, drawing, redacted reflection, moving your body, using metaphors such as nature, exploring the words and sayings we use such as can't see the wood for the trees, and much more! 

Because they're all great at moving us out of our current ways of thinking, enabling us to find an alternate perspective and solution.
  • Creative - yes
  • Unconventional – often
  • Takes people out of their comfort zones – frequently
  • Identifies language and behaviours that are setting you back – intuitively so
  • Practical – is there any other way?
Workshops can either introduce a variety of the tools applied to a number of niggles/issues/challenges, or apply them to a situation where wider perspective and insight is needed.

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