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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Perfection is such a hard task master. One that drains energy, laughter, inspiration and life out of any situation. Of course it would - it's an impossible target constantly whispering "more, more".

When coaching clients my, albeit recent, recognition of the benefits of 'doing my best' versus aiming for 'perfection' is of no use to them. Clients have to find their own relationship with 'perfection', and 'good enough', or what other alternatives to perfection they discover for themselves. 

Here's a picture from a recent walk where a desire to let go of perfection led me to ask "what part of the current landscape best describes that desire". I then asked them to walk into that landscape and notice what they noticed.

There seemed to be a lot of "oh I see" and "that feels better" going on - only time will tell if their relationship with perfection has changed in a way to make a difference in their day to day life. The clue I suspect being less doing, and more being and "time for me".

The presupposition that nature has the answer ensures your mind will find an analogy or metaphor that makes sense to any challenge you set it. That's why Landscaping Your Life is such an effective tool and one that's always in the tool kit for selection in personal coaching, and group facilitated sessions I deliver. 

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