Sunday, 6 December 2015


Many of the antidotes used in Landscaping Your Life to help us get back on track involve changing the internal representation we have for a situation - here I'm wondering if the solution will be found by only using one colour in that representation?
To explore this further:
  • Pick a situation you'd like more insight on - perhaps one that's making you quite agitated or anxious
  • Notice how you're feeling, and on a scale of 1-10 identify how satisfied you are
  • Think of a landscape that could represent the situation (don't worry about understanding the logic, just go with the first landscape that comes to mind).
  • Change the landscape to one similarly coloured to the picture above
  • Has the feeling associated with the landscape changed? 
  • Has the level of satisfaction increased or reduced?
  • What changes may you want to make to the colouring - different colour,  more colours, better focus or less and so on 
  • Once you've made any final tweaks spend some time imagining the resulting image
  • Think of the original situation - how satisfied do you now feel about situation 
  • What action may you wish to take to help resolve this situation?        
I'd love to hear what you discovered as a result of following this process. 

In November I wrote an index ofLandscaping Your Life posts introducing the different ways I've used nature over the last 15 year to find solutions to life's challenges. If you're wondering why metaphors are such a great way of finding solutions you may also want to read this blog too. 

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