Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Is it time to turn a corner in your life?

"Just humour me" I said to a couple of delegates on a recent workshop, where we were using unconventional tools to solve some problems/issues/niggles and frustrations.

"Put the issue to the back of your mind, and just walk around that corner".

The session was taking place outside and, whilst other delegates were standing in the shoes of their stakeholders, I thought I'd let these individuals experience the impact of turning a real corner, and noticing the positive impact it would have on the metaphorical corner they needed to be taking.

They headed off around the corner in the park out of sight, and five minutes later appeared with beams on their faces, and a shift in perspective.

The premise of this tool is that our language isn't just describing the problem but provides the clue to where the solution will lie. If we know we need to turn a corner then why not turn a real corner, and let your unconscious provide the insight about how that applies to the situation you're wanting insight on.

Here's an example from a walk I took yesterday, on the beach here in Fife, Scotland that is a frequent visitor to these pages and my vlogs.

On one side of the corner - I have home; the railway line; the sandy beach, complete with lifeguards; and a huge expanse of muddy bay!

This is what I am leaving behind with the sea only in the far distance.

As I approach the corner where I am going is not clear, it's as if I have to trust and follow the path in front of me.

As the delegates on the workshop also discovered, once we're around the corner we can't see where we've been only where we're headed.

In this instance with Edinburgh on the horizon, and a more secluded beach with cottages over looking them.

The delegates realised that in three months time they wouldn't be worrying about the current problem. This insight allowed them to release their frustration and more easily identify an action plan to move forward (and dare I say it move around that corner).

As I reflect on these images, I'm being asked to turn my attention away from the known and embrace the unknown, and look towards the bigger and brighter destinations in the distance. To make the scary future more tangible, and let go of the safer past.

As you reflect on these images what insight comes to mind for you? As our issues and niggles are different each time we take such a challenge around the corner we'll get different insights and perspectives every time we try this process - even if its the same corner!

This vlog also demonstrates this simple technique, and was taken seven years ago from the same corner.

What corner do you need to turn in your life, and what landscape will you use to demonstrate your ability to do just that? 

As workshops disappear from the diary over the summer break I have more flexibility and availability to provide coaching and 1:1 retreats, either in person using nature as a source for inspiration or via webex where we'll just need to be a little more creative (Face-time is certainly an option to go on a walk in different counties, countries or continents.)

Do get in touch if you are stuck, and would like a little nudge to get you back on track - although tough love also in plenty of supply ;-) +44 7770 538159

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life to get back on track  

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