Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Treading water?

If it feels like you're metaphorically and constantly treading water in the current situation and you're wanting something to shift you might be better thinking about what happens when we really tread water.

Don't worry, you don't need to replicate what I did in this video and take to the sea in order to tread water, you can imagine how it feels: the constant effort, the constant movement, the dread of "not this again", the draining energy and all at the same time as getting nowhere! 

The key with using nature as our coach is to observe what we'd do in nature. Ignore all the content of the current situation, the ifs, buts, can'ts, wont's, and she said this and he said that and so on. To just observe the patterns in nature and allow them to guide you towards wider perspectives, and even an alternate option or two.

When we're treading water one option, just as I do in the video, is to float - and just take time to breath, to rest, renew and only take action once you have had time to just be in the moment. 

Although to be fair in my example on the video putting my phone and selfie stick down and stop videoing would have helped my ability to tread water never mind float!

Having a wet suit on helped too.

Another option would be to use a float to help.

Or to put your feet down.

Or swim into shallower water and out of the depths.

Or put your snorkel on and go on an adventure and explore .

Or get into a boat, kayak, or canoe (just make sure you avoid losing the paddle as you don't want to end up the creek without one - but that's another vlog for another day!)

The aim is to get a nice long list of alternatives to treading water.

Once you've got that lovely list then you can go back to the original situation you had previously and consider what those options might mean - what does putting your feet down and not treading water look like in the real life situation, or what would represent the float or canoe?

As odd as it might seem, trust me when I say your mind will find the links you need.

Once you have a list of practical options you can decide on what action to take, and when.

My recently published book Can't see the wood for the trees provides some hints and tips about how to take the sayings you're using when stuck, and use the landscapes hidden within them to find a solution and get back on track. Which means when you can't see the wood for the trees the trees have the solution, or if you're stuck in a rut I might invite you to find a rut to step in and then out of. Or if you're treading water you do as outlined in this video. The book also has chapters to provide insight when you're: up a creek without a paddle; going around in circles, feel like a fish out of water, out on a limb or think you've missed the tide. There's even one if you recognise that you have your head in the sand, or someone has suggested you might be making mountains out of molehills.

More options about buying the book can be found here.

If you search #LandscapingYourLife or #AsInLifeAsInNature on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest you'll also find plenty more example too.

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life
Using patterns in nature to solve patterns in your life

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