Saturday, 19 January 2019

Using Nature as your Coach - event 2nd February

Fire Starter Festival 2019
Using nature as your coach for transformational change
2nd February 2019, 1300-1600
The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn Loch 
Investment - your time only
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If nature was your coach, and nature’s landscapes were metaphors for your lives then the answers you’re craving lie in the woods, fields and lochs.

This introductory session will provide you with a variety of ways of listening to nature’s questions, insights and suggestions when applied to areas in your life you’d like more clarity on. 

This summary of Landscaping Your Life (LYL) posts from 2018 may also provide some insight to the effectiveness and simplicity of the LYL tools. 

If weather permits attendees will be able to go out into nature. Which means anyone wanting to go outside should come dressed for the weather and conditions.

Please note: As we’re using metaphor you won’t need to disclose any personal information, nor  share with anyone the area of your life you’re wanting transformed. You just need to be open to trying something a little different to allow for a different outcome –  one that may have been eluding you for some time. 

Refreshments available for a donation – although the Barn on the Loch cafĂ© on site also has a selection of drinks and cakes etc.

You may also be interested in other Fire Starter Festival events taking place across Scotland 28th January to 8th February. (The Fire Starter Festival is a two-week festival of collaborative learning events, illuminating creative, disruptive and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our organisations and the wider system.)

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