Monday, 19 August 2019

5 day Mindset Challenge

Join me on the 9th September for the Mindset Challenge where we'll be exploring the impact our thinking is having on us achieving our goals.

Whilst predominantly aimed at those working in Procurement it's certainly not closed to anyone from any area of work or life wishing to explore this subject more fully.

As a coach I did wonder about the subject for the challenge as I could have chosen any soft skill. 

A soft skills challenge would certainly be a little too broad - after all which of the many soft skills would we focus on: confidence, communication, influencing, creativity, conflict management, motivation, change management and so on?
And yet the difference that makes the difference for everyone taking part may lie in any one of the above.
So we’re going to look to the unconscious and often missing link that supports every soft skill - MINDSET - the thinking that triggers and informs our actions.

The missing link that when we’re struggling with a situation helps us to find a solution.

The missing link that can make the difference between achieving our goals or not.

The missing link that when used effectively can truly transform situations.

Which means, what ever the underlying soft skills needed to be nurtured, the questions and tasks in the challenge can be applied to them, and to the situation you’re wanting to transform.

So why not join me for the five day procurement mindset challenge starting on 9th September.


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