Monday, 6 January 2020

Do something different

After her breakfast my cat, who is 21, has a habit of meowing loudly until I lie down on the sofa for her to sit on me. When I’ve been away for a few days the meow is even more persistent and loud. If I foolishly head for my home office first she’ll sit in the lounge and meow until she gets my attention, or she has been known to come to the office to meow. After a few years of this routine, and after a while of sofa nap sitting, I’d extricate myself from under her and then wrap the throw around to make a warm and snug basket-like structure for her. She’ll then sleep there for the rest of the morning. Of recent weeks I’ve noticed the speed with which she curls into a ball once I’m gone, and now wonder if the meowing is a means to get the warm basket-like structure, not the nap sitting in between as it started off as. This is how our habits are made, reactions to stimulus that over time can become more and more elaborate and unconscious routines. It’s only by bringing these habits into conscious awareness that we can get insight about their efficacy, and have choice about our future action. It’s why this month I’m doing something different every day - to bring into conscious awareness habits that may be hindering my progress.


Friday, 29 November 2019

A difficult transition

The panic attacks and occasional agoraphobia were debilitating. My sense of self diminished. All of who I thought myself to be was slipping through my fingers as words escaped me. 

I have to say that menopause wasn’t a great time for me. The doctor was no help. “You’re just stressed”. 

My personal trainer kept me moving - sometimes only turning up to take me for a walk! 

Thankfully clients were understanding. Even more thankfully the herbalist transformed the symptoms. 

Peri-menopause and menopause are a transition for all women - a transition that has many symptoms. Each woman having a different experience. 

Mindset has a part to play during the transition and perhaps as much so after. An 'after' where who we are changes. 

We have a choice to inhabit a mindset of ‘old crone’ where everything is downhill from here! Or embrace and inhabit ‘wise woman’, a new archetype where the world is our oyster. 

It’s still early days for me, but I’m loving exploring being a wise woman. 

If you’re starting out on your transition, explore the options for support to help diminish the symptoms. If you live with someone going through the transition, talk to others who have transitioned to understand how it feels & please don’t try logic.