Saturday 2 May 2015

Nettles and Dock leaves

One way of interpreting this combination of plants is - that an opportunity to solve a problem is never that far away. 

To explore this more fully I thought I'd use the Frameworks for change Coaching Process to see what other insights might be available.  

Insight: You express honesty and truthfulness in each moment. 
When ever I look at nature I am always reminded that each flower and plant offers it's own uniqueness and ask myself why we constantly try to be like other people rather than accept we are who we are in all our uniqueness. Of course this is also true in reverse why do we so often try to get everyone to be like us and not not accept and embrace their uniqueness? 

Potential Setback: You are setback by ARROGANCE in the present situation 
I wonder whether this a continuation of the last point i.e. it's easy to believe we're a Dock Leaf providing healing balm to those stung rather than accept that we might just be the nettle. Isn't it useful to be reminded that sometimes we're the ones capable of stinging others too? We may have other virtues but we all come with beliefs, skills or behaviours some might perceive as negative and unhelpful. To move forward it's about us all releasing the setback of believing we're better than others and accepting and embracing ours and their uniqueness. 

Insight: You value and express the quality of SUPPORT in the current situation 
You might see that the Dock Leaf supports the Nettle and perhaps that's the point - that we each need others around us who can support us and point out our less positive traits so that we may learn and grown. This of course is infinitely more possible if we've let the arrogance go. Who are you supporting today? 

Mentor: Transformation If we took on the beliefs and behaviours of our role model for transformation what difference would that make - what would we be thinking, what would we be saying and what would we be doing differently? One question - What's stopping us? 

I hope you found this helpful. If so you may find the notes from the session entitled 'Keeping on track in a downturn' helpful too. I love that the final mentor in that session was Authenticity. It's certainly a great process for use in groups as well as in coaching sessions. 

The process, the insight, setback and mentor cards used here are from the 
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