Tuesday 18 August 2015

Making Mountains out of Molehills

When I'm working with clients to overcome their challenges and get back into flow it's useful to listen to the language they use. That is the words used often give a clue to the internal representation they have about the situation, and these words will be impacting the beliefs they have about their ability to solve the situation and/or get out of it.

Over recent blogs I've shared ways of tackling beliefs such as no pain no gainburying your head in the sandbeing in a rut, and not wanting to burn bridges. It may sound odd but having these beliefs can stop you achieving your goals. Of course it would: 

The common theme is these beliefs keep you stuck, immobile and taking no action. It's the same when we're making mountains out of molehills. The belief that its a mountain seems far too big a task to accomplish and insurmountable and so we take no action.

There would be various ways of assisting someone to look at this situation differently. Finding an actual molehill might be helpful for some - and definitely not for others. 

As I searched for a photo for this blog I wondered how the situation might be different if we identified with the mole in the picture creating the molehill. Since it's impossible for a mole to create a molehill the size of a mountain the molehill can only be so big (ie small). Which presupposes it's something we can easily get over, around, flatten out and/or cope with.

Once you are able to change the belief that's holding you back then action is possible and solutions can be found.  
Next time you think you might be making a mountain out of a molehill just remember - you are the mole that created it - and notice what you notice.

Alison Smith

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