Saturday, 14 November 2015

When black holes collide

Why not think of 2 contradictory options you have for a situation and use this video to find a solution.

To do that:

  • Think of a challenge you'd like a different perspective on - perhaps one with a couple of options or very opposing options
  • Put the challenge to the back of your mind *
  • Watch this short video - you may want to do so a few times - with or without the sound
  • Distract yourself for a few hours
  • Think about the original situation and notice what you notice
  • Let me know how you get on 
* Putting the situation to the back of your mind means not thinking about it - not trying to decide which option is which black hole, or anything else related to the situation. It's about putting it to one side, and coming back to it later and allowing your unconscious to find the solution for you.

See yesterday's blog for an index of Landscaping Your Life posts introducing the different ways I've used nature over the last 15 year to find solutions to life's challenges. If you're wondering why metaphors are such a great way of finding solutions you may also want to read this blog too. 

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