Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Are you treading water?

If you're 'treading water' in a situation in your life you might be waiting for something to happen first that will enable you to then take action - in the mean time however you're using a lot of energy to keep afloat.

The language we use provides so much information about how we're relating to a given situation. We might not be treading water in reality but by using the saying we're suggesting it feels like it.

The premise of one Landscaping Your Life process is to use the saying to find the solution - that is, if you really were treading water what could you do?

I saw this on the beach at the weekend, and realised this provided one solution for when you're 'treading water' - ie stay in the water but hold onto something to keep you afloat.

How might this solution be applied to a situation you're treading water in?

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life 
Using nature to inspire change inside and out 

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