Thursday 14 January 2016

Out of my comfort universe

I was watching Masterchef Australia before Christmas and Rose, one of the contestants, described being out of her comfort universe. I love the expression, and certainly knew what she meant when faced with a well known chef's dish to replicate. Which was full of complicated components, and requiring much skill and precision.
Landscaping Your Life uses nature as a metaphor for life, and I can often to be found examining the language we're using in order to provide insight to stuck situations we're describing. From a Landscaping Your Life perspective therefore I wondered what insight the phrase "comfort universe" might provide.

When we use the term 'comfort zone' we're often describing a zone within which we're happy to be, and another zone beyond it where we're uncomfortable, or fearful to be. I'm assuming Rose saw the 'comfort universe' as a zone even beyond that initial discomfort zone that she was now trying to operate outside of. 

There is of course an interesting observation that can be made from use of this phrase, and it comes from answering the question - what IS beyond the edge of the universe?

Since scientists don't yet know the answer to that question, and the universe is infinite and all that there is, then we can't actually operate outside of our comfort universe. That is once we're beyond our comfort zone we're into our infinite comfort universe, and anything and everything is therefore possible within it. I wonder whether that's why Rose managed to accomplish the task.

Taking this observation I might therefore deduce that next time you're thinking you're at the edge of your comfort zone step happily into your infinite comfort universe, and remember there is nothing beyond the universe, and therefore anything is possible just where you are right now!

Do let me know how you get on, and I'll do the same.

Since writing this blog I've written a couple of others linked to stepping out beyond our dramas, walking through door B, and embracing a new archetype for our lives.

I do love language, and I've written a number of other blogs on sayings that keep us stuck and how to use those very sayings to get unstuck - see the making mountains out of molehills post for links to other posts on the subject including can't see the wood for the trees, stuck in a rut, head in the sand, and so on. Yesterday's post 'let the sunshine in' has also been very popular, and outlined a coaching session I had recently with a client wishing to regain their confidence.

As ever individual coaching, and group facilitation using Landscaping Your Life processes are available - so do get in touch if you'd like to explore the options of operating within your own comfort universe :-).

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