Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Door B - a new archetype

Last week I wrote a post entitled 'Step out beyond your drama', and the week before one entitled 'comfort universe'

The common denominator between the two posts was letting go of fear, and just going for it. Now I come to think about it I suppose yesterday's blog was along similar lines - just keep moving. 

As I reflected on these posts Anais Nin's quote came to mind:   

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
If you've been procrastinating about something you know to be a forgone conclusion these posts are inviting you to take action, and to step into the truth of life rather than get caught up in the drama - as illustrated by this Frameworks for Change coaching process card.

On a personal development workshop I attended last year the course leader talked about going through door B (I suspect a little like taking the red pill in the Matrix film). 
That is we have lots of options, but the one we know we must take is into a new dimension, a new archetype if you will, and therefore isn't necessarily easy, but is an essential step we will have to take sooner or later.
The collage card I made to reflect this choice is shown above. 

What comes to mind as you view the card? What advice might the card we giving you at this moment in time? 
For me - yes the other doors look easier to go through, but the one to the new archetype is the door in the middle, and may very well feel like I'm going into the flames. Once there it will be worth it though because that is where the truth of life lies, not the dramas that uses up all our time and energy this side of the door!  
In what area of your life are you being asked to step beyond your drama, and into the truth of life to embrace a new archetype? Will you accept the challenge? and if so what will your first step be, and when will you take it?
Talk of archetypes also reminds me of a blog I wrote last year entitled enlightened procurement that looked at new business archetypes being forged.
More than happy to discuss coaching or facilitation to take you, or your team, through door B.

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* The insight card used here is from Frameworks for Change © Innerlinks - www.innerlinks.com
** For more on use of collage to inspire change see soulcollage.org 

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