Wednesday 20 January 2016

Step out beyond your drama

One of the insight cards in the Frameworks for change coaching process *, a tool I use when coaching others, says:
It's a great card to discuss in coaching sessions about coping with change, and the impact fear, and wanting to stay within our comfort zone can have.

Consider for a moment what this card is suggesting - and how you might apply it to a current situation you'd like more clarity about. What action may it be suggesting you take, and when will you take it?

Last week I wrote a post entitled comfort universe that suggested anything was possible - we just needed to see it as a comfort universe not comfort zone!
How might that add to the insight already gained about stepping beyond your drama, and into the truth of life?

Whilst attending a personal development workshop last year the course leader spoke about swimming in a swimming pool, and then having the sides of the pool pulled away, and swimming in the ocean.

That description, and metaphor for change, had a very profound impact on me, and I could feel the boredom of swimming in a pool releasing any lingering desire to hold onto what was comfortable. Enabling me to truly step out and cross the line, beyond my dreams, beyond my drama, and into the truth of life.

At the end of the workshops we spent some time making collages - to represent insights gained from the workshop, but also for future use in coaching - for ourselves and clients.

Here's the collage card I made to represent swimming in the ocean beyond the swimming pool.

What additional guidance comes to mind as you view this image - perhaps consider what the card would say to you if it had a voice.  A new blog entitled "Door B" also links to the pattern of stepping beyond our drama - this time into a new archetype. 

As you reflect on your current situation, the original advice from the card to step into the truth of life, and the subsequent insights what did you discover? What additional perspective did you gain that you can apply to your life? What action is it asking you to take, and when will you take it.  

Alison Smith
Landscaping Your Life
Using nature to inspire change - inside and out

* The insight card used here is from Frameworks for Change © Innerlinks -
** For more on use of collage to inspire change see 

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