Saturday, 28 March 2020

I've written a blog on that

Over recent weeks, as I've delivered "soft skills and mindsets for unprecedented times" sessions, I have been heard to say "I've written a blog on that" - with over 500 posts on the purchasing coach blog and 200 here you'd like to hope so. 

Here's a list of just some of those very posts that I think would be helpful as we face what were unimaginable situations only a few short weeks ago.

An index of more logical and less unconventional posts to support mental, physical and emotional well being can be found over on my Purchasing Coach blog.

You may also find this Landscaping Your Life YouTube playlist helpful using nature as our coach  - turn the sound down a little for the first vlog ;-)

Also watch this space for an extract from Can't see the wood for the trees - Landscaping your life to get back on track to help you see the wood at these unprecedented times.

Do let me know if something I've written resonates - and do please also share this index with others who you think might benefit.

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Monday, 23 March 2020

Keep hold of your float?

Don’t forget to find your float this week.

Some external help to support your resilience, and keep your head above water.

I’ve shared a lot over the last week about #keepingafloat, and was reminded when I went swimming yesterday that keeping afloat is easier with a little external help because:

  • Swimming to safety may by beyond us at the moment.
  • Treading water can be tiring after a while.
  • Floating requires trust and faith in inaction which is often lacking when stressed, and certainly when faced with unprecedented and unfamiliar events.
Which is where the float comes in - a little external buoyancy to hold on to as you’re buffeted by the waves.

Look after you, and take time with your float with week.

Much love

Alison xx

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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Keeping Afloat

This is the second of what is going to be a series of vlogs about helping us tap into our inner wisdom and keep afloat at this time.

To do this I'm sharing insights from a coaching tool I use in coaching and workshops. It’s called the frameworks for change coaching process * & involves exploring the words on a series of cards to help us to tap into our inner wisdom.

An inner wisdom that is able to connect us to our inner calm.

Today’s insights to keep afloat are

  • Insight: You let go of some old trappings, nice going.
  • Potential setback: Setback by feelings of superiority in the current situation.
  • Insight: An opportunity to give truthful feedback, be honest with all that are involved.
  • Mentor: Strength
Reflect on your own thoughts about these cards, and I’ve shared some thoughts on the video and here's some additional thoughts too.

Insight: You let go of some old trappings, nice going.

The one thing that will help us cope better in the current situation is looking after our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Now is the time therefore to stop doing what we know does not serve us – if ringing a specific friend always leaves you angry or frustrated then stop ringing them, if a particular food makes your energy slump stop eating it, or if a certain exercise always makes you tired could you swap it for something that uplifts you? 

Potential setback: Setback by feelings of superiority in the current situation. 

Superiority can lead to us thinking “this won’t happen to me” or “I’m better than them” and can potentially lead us to cutting corners in the belief that we are infallible. Washing hands, keeping our distance, and following guidance is for all of us not just everyone else.  

Insight: An opportunity to give truthful feedback, be honest with all that are involved.

It was hard deciding to own and acknowledge my own jitteriness here. Especially as I understand that a positive and optimist mindset is paramount in supporting us to get to the other side. That said, not owning how we’re feeling is not supportive. Once acknowledged rather pushed down and away it’s easier to deal with whatever is coming up for us at this time.

Mentor: Strength

We all have inner strength and it’s when times are hard or difficult that we discover how deep our strength goes.

Dig deep, connect in, recall someone who is a role model for strength, remember times when your strength was ever present – do what ever you can to connect into that steel and strength within. 

I'm posting on LinkedIn , Facebook and YouTube daily so pop over there to have a daily dose of insight to help keep you afloat. I'll only be sharing occasionally here. I posted the first Keeping afloat vlog over on my Purchasing Coach blog.

* The process, the insight, setback and mentor cards used here are from Frameworks for Change © Innerlinks -

You can get a less businessy set of very similar cards online from Amazon or in person as Findhorn Phoenix shop - the cards are called Intuitive Solutions (Amazon UKAmazon US).

Friday, 13 March 2020

Commit to shorter steps

As paths we’re able to travel feel shorter and shorter with every passing day please don’t give up on the destination.

Commit instead to awareness in shorter steps.

Celebrate your ability to spend time finessing your sense of direction and to sense and trust that inner compass.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Do something different

After her breakfast my cat, who is 21, has a habit of meowing loudly until I lie down on the sofa for her to sit on me. When I’ve been away for a few days the meow is even more persistent and loud. If I foolishly head for my home office first she’ll sit in the lounge and meow until she gets my attention, or she has been known to come to the office to meow. After a few years of this routine, and after a while of sofa nap sitting, I’d extricate myself from under her and then wrap the throw around to make a warm and snug basket-like structure for her. She’ll then sleep there for the rest of the morning. Of recent weeks I’ve noticed the speed with which she curls into a ball once I’m gone, and now wonder if the meowing is a means to get the warm basket-like structure, not the nap sitting in between as it started off as. This is how our habits are made, reactions to stimulus that over time can become more and more elaborate and unconscious routines. It’s only by bringing these habits into conscious awareness that we can get insight about their efficacy, and have choice about our future action. It’s why this month I’m doing something different every day - to bring into conscious awareness habits that may be hindering my progress.